Welcome to TUMU Hospital

TUMU HOSPITAL/Medical Training Institute is a privately owned, modern health facility, located in the newly created district of Buhweju, in western Uganda. It is a community Health care focused institution, with a training wing for Nurses, midwives and Lab technicians.

The Medical center, has acquired modern amenities like Ultra sound, Scans, X-RAY machines, theatre and other modern equipments. It has cordial working relationships with other hospitals in the region, but most importantly it has relationships with major hospitals in China and India in sharing research and staff development. It is centrally located with a big population yearning for modern medical services. All staff will be housed at the center, with access to electricity provided by solar and generators.

Visiting Hours : The Hospital is open day and night. It works from Monday to Sunday, Patients can be visited from 8:00Am to 9:30Am in the Morning and from 12:45 Pm – 2:30 Pm in the afternoon and then from 7:00 Pm to 9:45 Pm in the evening

Morning Heart Attacks Researchers revealed that heart attacks between 6am and noon, have potential for causing more damage.

- Our antenatal facility offers, Neonatal Care unit for babies who are born prematurely or need extra care

- Counselling services
- Immunization
- Supportive 24 hour Ambulance services

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Modern Medical Equipment

- Ambulance Vehicle
- X-ray machine
- Ultra sound
- Oxygen concentrators
- High suction machines
- Automated analyzer
- Chemistry analyzer
- Refrigerators


We offer close care and treatment to all our HIV patients which has yielded high patient compliance and health improvements.

This is also partly as a result of our our highly qualified and experienced staff.